Communications Futures.

“Businesses seldom reveal their vision, only their face value. Instead they should match their visions with the aspirations of their customers and take for it credit now.”

This notion is based on a simple psychology. Because if you are like most people, you think of what you want to be rather than what you are. So we are translating your aspirations in unison with your customers, projecting them into virtual products. Creating expectations for what you are doing tomorrow but taking credit for it today. Pre-empting the competition who keep their R&D a secret.

 I call it “Communications Futures.”


There are many examples in corporate communications. IBM, and that is some time ago, launched a campaign called “IBM the Future” featuring products with technologies which did not exist yet. Thus, they took that space ahead of the competition.  Looking at this, one could theorize that the present is a deduction from the future, not only the accumulation of the past.


The driving force for this train of thought is leadership. For only leaders see the possibilities of the future and not only the necessities for the present. In short it takes a visionary. A product is seen as finite, as what it is. But products and services  are on constant move to change and improve and wishful thinking  turns into reality. 

Turning this theory into pragmatic application, team up with your clients  and focus on the next “new idea” communicate as a product in the pipeline, you and your clients are looking forward to.

A new platform is established and a present value is created.