"It’s more efficient to adjust a perception than to adjust a product."

Hubert Graf 


Thrive on the Possibilities.

BRANDCULTURE is a force to keep companies on their entrepreneurial quest. Not only to serve the necessities but thrive on the possibilities. Deducting the future to the present.






Communications Futures.

Businesses seldom reveal their vision, only their face value. Instead they should match their visions with the aspirations of their customers and take credit for it now.

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The Aspirational Margin.

Ideally the perception of any entity, personal or business, should reflect the aspirations of that entity. If the perception improves it creates expectations and the reality must follow in unison.

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Excerpts from articles published by Hubert Graf


“Hubert Graf is the corporate shrink!” - CNN



What We Do.

Ready to assist you in developing innovations which energize your operation and enhances your bottomline. My hands on consultancy works best through listening and talking about the big picture first and then devising a step-by-step approach. 


Research & Discovery

Where are we?

Strategy & Thinking

Where are we going?

Communication & Design

What do we show and tell?





Hubert Graf is an accomplished designer and marketing expert who’s helped many high-end entities transform their business by thinking outside the box.

He authored the book “In Celebration of Print. Advertising That Stays Fresh”, published by Rizzoli, which brings his unique philosophy to life and features many of the award -winning advertising campaign he conceived as Creative Director of Madison Avenue agency Doyle Graf Mabley, the first agency in New York specializing in high-end products and services.

Some the clients he’s worked with include JP Morgan, Aston Martin, Swissair, The Economist, and Chase Global Assets.

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Thrive on the possibilities.


Let’s Work Together.

Next steps. I look forward to  a conversation. (Not brainstorming rather brain clearing) about your vision leading the company forward, considering the present circumstances.  Based on my experience, this exchange is productive and leads to real issues to be addressed.